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Entry Visa


• Fill out the Application .

• 2 Personal photos (passport size).

•The application must be signed by the applicant only.

Original Passport and it must be valid for at least six (6) months.


Important Notice:​

  • The applicants must apply on their own behalf in person or by mail. No third party is authorized to apply on behalf of applicant (s).

  • Visa processing time may take up to 10 working days if all applicant documents are complete.

  • The embassy must be provided with details of the name and address of the sponsor person in Sudan (must be Sudanese) and a copy of their Sudanese national ID must be attached along with an invitation letter from the sponsor.

  • Visa validity: two months from the date of issue.

  • Period of stay after arrival: two months from the date of entry into Sudan.

  • For the foreign passports holder of Sudanese origin send a proof of Sudanese nationality (a copy of the Sudanese passport or nationality certificate).

  • For Tourists with no Sudanese background has to get a signed letter from a travel agent in Sudan showing the reservation details of their accommodation in Sudan as it will be as a reference / sponsor to them.

  •  For Business Visa send all the above requirements and a letter from the sponsoring company showing the purpose of the visit, duration of stay, financial responsibility and contacts sponsor (address & telephone), including an approval of entry visa granted by the Ministry of Interior to the Sponsor.

  • Sponsor: means the name, address and contact details of friends or relatives that you know in Sudan, must be Sudanese, and you must send a copy of his / her Sudanese (Passport / National ID card- certificate).

  • Must provide a letter of invitation from your sponsor 

  • The procedure can be made by personally attend at the embassy after requesting an appointment via email

  • Or calling the embassy phone +61261138010

  • Or send the documents by mail, attaching a return envelope (prepaid) with the full address to send the documents back.

We advice to get tracking number for the envelope.

Embassy Adress:

Embassy of The Republic of The Sudan

6 Pindari Crescent , Omalley, ACT, 2606

  • Fee: $ 200 AUD

Please note that all fees are nonrefundable.


Payment Information

Payment can be made by:

1- Bank transfer to the consular services account (not including bank fees)

BSB    082-902

ACC  25-464-5853

(Please indicate the name of the applicant and the consular service in the transfer and send the payment receipt to the email

2- Australia Post Money Order addressed to the Embassy of Sudan.
(Not including postal fees) with the name of the applicant and the consular service, or attaching a copy of the submitted application.

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